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Cathedral Facilities

The St Peter's Cathedral and Cathedral Centre are popular venues for a range of events and occasions, big or small. All wedding, funeral, and baptism enquiries must be discussed with the Dean before venue bookings can be made. 


To make an enquiry or a booking, please contact:

Cathedral Administrator
(07) 839 4683




Main Hall      
  Minimum rate 1 hour     $40.00
  Morning or Afternoon 4 hours $115.00
  Full day 8 hours $170.00
  Evening 4 hours $130.00
Board Room      
  Minimum rate 1 hour $25.00
  Morning or Afternoon 4 hours $40.00
  Full day 8 hours $60.00
  Evening 4 hours $50.00

Use for serving own supplied
tea / coffee/ catered food

Flat rate $40.00
  Use of kitchen facilities for 
cooking and serving meals
Flat rate $65.00
  Cathedral   $100.00 
+ 10% of
ticket sales


Please contact the Cathedral
office for details.


Prices are GST inclusive.

A discounted rate for the use of the Cathedral facilities may be available to charities & congregation members. Approval is required - Please contact the Cathedral Administrator (07) 839 4683 or

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your require any further information.


Prices listed above are representative of those in the St Peter's Cathedral hire rates document which is available on request. Prices are subject to change as previous versions of the St Peter's Cathedral hire rates document become void when updated. 

A hall hire agreement form must be completed and signed before booking can be confirmed.